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Ingram Gage Company is committed to continuing to supply customers with quality gages, gaging equipment, and specialty thread grinding products and services. Call our office today and request a product or service quote from our friendly staff. We hope to hear from you soon!

Ingram Gage Company

Gaging and Thread Grinding Specialists

Ingram Gage Company Is a Manufacturer of Precision Gages

Ingram Gage Company specializes in manufacturing standard and special thread ring and work plug gages of over 0-80 up to 16-1/4" in diameter, including unified 60-degree threads, 60-degree stub, metric, acme, stub acme, NPT, NPSM, trapezoidal, and buttress gages. Pre-plate gages are made to customer specifications.


All thread ring and work plug gages are manufactured to ANSI standards and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Ingram also offers specialty grinding of molds, cores, and cavities.


We have a large inventory of standard thread ring and work plug gages, plain plug, and ring gages in addition to snap gages.

About Ingram Gage Company

Ingram Gage Company has over 50 years of experience in providing customers with quality gages and special thread grinding services for immediate shipment. The company has a stock of over a million precision gages of every design and description.


In 1999, Ingram Gage Company was acquired by Celinco Inc. In June 2001, Ingram Gage Company moved to its new location at 2320 Kishwaukee Street Rockford Il 61104.


In 2001, Thread Systems of Chicago Illinois was acquired by Celinco Inc, moved to the Rockford Illinois facility, and integrated into Ingram Gage Company.

Ingram Gage Company